Celatom FW-14 Diatomaceous Earth

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Celatom FW-14 Diatomaceous Earth

Celatom Diatomaceous Earth FW 14, also called "DE" or "DE Powder," is a filter aid used in a variety of applications. The primary use is as a precoat in the filtration of industrial wastewater. It increases the solid contents of sludge and reduces the total volume of sludge that needs to be disposed. It can also be used in swimming pools and in wine making.

Celatom FW 14 is a top performing, popular filter aid made of calcined Diatomaceous Earth. 


Celatom FW-14 Diatomaceous Earth Filter White aid is manufactured and packaged by EP Minerals. DE Powder is regulated under TSCA and CERCLA in the Untied States, and under WHMIS Classification internationally. 


Celatom FW-14 Diatomaceous Earth is a flux-calcined diatomaceous earth (DE) material that ranges in color from bright white to light pink. It is an odorless solid that has a pH value of 9.5 (10% suspension). Sieve Analysis (Tyler) 3-15% @ 150 Mesh (>105 microns), Less than 1% is soluble in water. The filter has a permeability range of 650-1150 millidarcies.

Level7Chemical offers a large variety of filter aids with a wide range of filtration capabilities and particle size removal properties are available. 

Possible offsets: Celite, Dicalite, Hyflo Super cel 

Packaging: 50 Lb Net Weight Bag

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