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Level 7 Chemical Privacy Policy   



Your privacy is important to Level 7 Chemical.

We do not sell or rent our customer's names, addresses or e-mail addresses or any customer data to anyone.

We only collect information to process orders, improve the website, and send marketing to individual customers, accept payment information, process and ship orders, and track information. 
If a customer opts in and gives us permission we will send out e-mail notifications on products, special promotions, and newsletters periodically. If you ever receive a cart reminder, or an e-mail from us and you DO NOT want to continue receiving the messages, simply Unsubscribe and your information will be collected and you'll be removed from the mailings. 

This site is hosted by Big Commerce . They host store pages, the ordering system, and order data. Big Commerce collects order information but may use this information in the aggregate to collect store shopping data. See the privacy policies for Big Commerce separately.
This store, like most e-commerce sites, has data collected by other outside entities like credit card companies that we use to process payments and Paypal for payments. We also use needed data for shipping. Google Analytics* uses data so that store owners like us can research web and site and page traffic and other important data to improve our business, and stay in business.  Data collected by Google is typically used in the aggregate, and records data like the type of device used, and location. Look up Google policies on data collection and privacy separately.  
Communications - Most of the communication with us is electronic. Every time you send us an email or visit our website, you are going to be communicating with us. You hereby consent to receive communications from us about the sales and purchases and transactions we are engaged in.  If you subscribe to the newsletters  on our website, you may receive additional emails from us. We will continue to communicate with you by posting news and notices on our website and by sending you emails. You also agree that all notices, disclosures, agreements and other communications we provide to you electronically meet the legal requirements that such communications be in writing.
We also have emails and Text messages / SMS  (see below) about abandoned carts. You may unsunscribe from those at any time. 

SMS Messages (Text Messages) For promotional offers and company info: Customers may submit a phone number and receive SMS or text messages about our company and special promotions from us. You may unsubscribe from these at any time. Instructions will be sent to unsubscribe when you subscribe to the SMS / Text messages. You can also opt out whenever you recieve a message. 

* We provide a way to unsubscribe with all communications. 
If you would like to know more about our privacy policy and/ or would  like to remove your contact information from our company data, email us  We will assist you as we can.  We can not delete data concerning sales and delivery of products since those are required by state and federal authoriites for taxes and revenue. We will do our best to comply with all privacy concerns as we can and per any state and federal laws 

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