Dark Liquid Malt Extract

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Dark Liquid Malt Extract

This amber liquid malt extract is delicately created using the highest-grade 2-row barley, guaranteeing the purest malt flavor and the most pristine color profiles. Brewer's Best Liquid Malt Extracts are the result of a unique collaboration between their team of brewmasters and Coopers Brewery, offering a malt extract range thoughtfully designed exclusively for brewers, by brewers. Color: 53 - 72L


Typical Analysis

Color Lovibond: 53 - 72 °L

Plato: 80.2 - 82.3

Gravity: 1.4250 - 1.4397 PPG

Solids: 80 - 82%

Ingredients: Barley, Water

Contents: 100% pure malt extract, non-diastatic and uphopped


3.3 lb can

Color measured at the time of packaging. Malt extract will darken with age. Store in a dry, cool place.