PBW Tablets

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PBW Tablets

All the great benefits of PBW but in the convenience of a tablet form! PBW is the only patented non-caustic alkaline cleaner designed to clean stainless steel and is safe to use on copper, ceramic, glass, plastic, and brass equipment. The tableted format is excellent for easy dosing! PBW removes soils from difficult areas, works with a range of different temperatures, effective in both hard and soft water, and can be used as a soak or spray.


2.5g tablets:

Applications: growlers, spray bottles, glassware

Dosage: 1 tablet/32 oz.


10g tablets:

Applications: kegs, fermenters, carboys

Dosage: 1 tablet/1 gal



Fill a container with water between 100° - 140°

Drop in a tablet at one of the above recommended rates

Dissolve tablet completely into solution

Soak equipment for 15-30 min and use a brush as needed

Rinse with water that is the same temp as the solution


We also offer PBW in the powder form and the liquid form!