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Star San Sanitizer

Our favorite Sanitzer is the Star San. It is a high-foaming blend of specialty surfactant, and acid based for a synergistic blend.  Works great for sanitizing uses for all kinds of beer and wine-making equipment.Because of it's high-foaming properties, every nook and cranny of your equipment will be reached.

Cleaning with STAR SAN sanitizer regularly will leave equipment clean and ready, plus it  helps eliminate water spotting, mineral build-up, and corrosion. Get the best out of your equipment when it is clean and ready to go!

Use 2 tablespoons per 5 gallons of water. Soak for 5 minutes and then no rinse is required. (Follow Label instructions.)

Star san will not stain and doesn't impart off odors or flavors into your brew.

Trusted by the brewing community for years!

Offered in a 5 gallon pail or 55 gallon drum.

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