Cleaning Tips & Tricks!

Posted by TB on Dec 1st 2022

Cleaning Your Home 

Level 7 Chemical's Purity Lemon Fresh No Rinse Natural Cleaner is the perfect cleaner for cleaning your home! This cleaner has an amazing lemon citrus scent and is pH neutral, phosphate free, and low foam making it a great cleaning product. It is good for so many uses from general cleaning, damp mopping, wiping, and cleaning food contact surfaces, and also scrubbing floors of all kinds, from wood to stone. It’s safe for any surface not harmed by water. Here are a few tips for getting started cleaning your home! In a home the easiest way to start is from top to bottom, starting with a task and doing it in each room before you move on to the next task. Focusing on one task will help you save time by getting it done all at once instead of having to do it over and over in each room. Start with dusting, then move on to furniture and fabric, mirrors and glass, surfaces, kitchen and bathrooms, and finally flooring. Purity Lemon Fresh No Rinse Natural Cleaner will leave your home smelling so fresh and so clean! 

Cleaning An Office/Business

Have an office or business opened to the public? Worried about germs and colds/flu going around? Well Level 7 Chemical has the perfect product for you, Readiquat. Readiquat is an effective and ready to use cleaner, disinfectant for all kinds of hard surfaces. It is an effective way to protect against many germs and viruses that are airborne or on surfaces when used as the label instructs. Office environments require a little more specialized products. It’s important to make sure you dust, sweep, vacuum, and take out trash, but you also need to pay close attention to all the surfaces people touch. In an office setting there are usually a multitude of hands touching all kinds of things so one of the most important steps is to disinfect. You need to make sure all areas of touch are wiped down. Doorknobs, handles, countertops (especially in the kitchen/break room), bathrooms, and don’t forget about desks and keyboards! Level 7 Chemical also offers Triumph All Purpose Cleaner, Degreaser Concentrate. Triumph is a versatile and easy to use concentrated cleaner for a wide variety of cleaning applications and uses. Our specially formulated Triumph concentrated cleaner, degreaser will put you in the winner's circle with all of your cleaning needs. Just dilute Triumph per our recommended usage rates for the very best cleaning at the best value. 

Cleaning a Warehouse

A clean and organized warehouse is very important and there are many things to consider. Whether your facility features shiny floors or just keeps debris from packaging materials, pallets and junk under control, being cleaner is worth the time investment. Employees who work in a disorganized environment where things feel sloppy will not work as well. Employees may make more mistakes and may not have pride in the operation. You don’t need a facility with floors so clean you could have lunch on them, but a well-lit, organized, pleasant place to work can be helpful in employee attitudes and retention. 

In contrast, the safety pitfalls of failing to run a tidy operation are very real! Piles of banding, pallets, or processing debris can limit forklift driver visibility. Overflowing garbage bins can be dangerous when people try to fit more into them than they should, in particular if the debris is heavy or sharp. A forklift that leaks oil can create slippery spots where workers can get hurt. Here are some actions that can help you avoid these pitfalls, Assign employees a cleaning goal, empty your garbage bins regularly, empty your garbage bins regularly, make cleaning supplies and equipment readily available. 

Here at Level 7 Chemical, Green 'N Clean All Purpose Cleaner is perfect for our warehouse! It is made with all-natural, eco-friendly, non-hazardous ingredients. It can be diluted and used at concentrations from 2%-25% depending on soil fill, method of cleaning, and surface type. Keeping your warehouse clean is an important part of operating efficiently and Green 'N Clean will help with that! 

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