Sodium Metasilicate : Versatile Chemical

Sodium Metasilicate : Versatile Chemical

Posted by AB on Sep 22nd 2021

Sodium Metasilicate

Sodium Metasilicate is a chemical substance with the formula NA2SiO3. A common trade name for Sodium Metasilicate is Metso. It is an ionic compound that is in a colorless crystalline solid form. It is hygroscopic, which means it attracts and holds water molecules and it is also deliquescent, which means it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere.  Sodium Metasilicate can be used in a wide variety of applications including binding agent, detergents, automotive applications, and even egg preservative.

Because of it's low dust, high reactivity, and easy dissolution in water, Sodium Metasilicate is an effective binding agent in cements and concretes. It can also be used in oil well cements to prevent separation. It can be used to enable a higher ratio of water to cement. It is an excellent concrete sealant as well!

Sodium Metasilicate is used extensively in detergents and dish soaps because of it's oil and grease removal power. It also has emulsifying and suspension properties that aid well in detergent formulations. It also has corrosion inhibiting properties that help protect metal, china, and glass and metal surfaces when cleaning hard surfaces. The high active alkali and minimum inactive alkali content makes Sodium Metasilicate an economical choice for cleaning applications. It also acts as an excellent buffer by keeping the pH of the cleaning solution constant even with an overload of acidic soil. These properties make sodium metasiicate very effective in all kinds of hard surface cleaners, metal cleaners, transportation . car and truck wash detergetns. 

Washing car

Sodium Metasilicate can even be used to destroy engines of automobiles. A solution of the chemical is prepared and used to replace all of the car's motor oil. The car is started and after that the Sodium Metasilicate causes the engine to seize up irreparably. On the other hand, Sodium Metasilicate can be used to repair head gasket leaks and minor repairs to mufflers!

Eggs  we buy in the grocery store may have been immersed in a preservative solution to seal the eggs, keeping the bacteria out. This coating, a lot of times made with Sodium Metasilicate, can preserve eggs for months.

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