Sourcing the very best quality Citric Acid

Sourcing the very best quality Citric Acid

Posted by MH on Jul 24th 2022

Sourcing the best quality Citric Acid 

Citric Acid, a weak acid is typically derived from naturally occurring acids in many fruits and vegetables however commercial production on a large scale involves microbial fermentation with the fungus aspergillus niger.  

Citric that has the chemical formula C6H8O7.

It is an intermediate in the citric acid formula cycle, which occurs in the metabolism of all aerobic organisms. 

On a commercial scale,  producers manufacture more than two and a half million tons of citric acid annually. 

It is used widely as an acidifier, a flavoring and a chelating agent. 

A citrate is a derivative of citric acid; that is, the salts, esters, and the polyatomic anion found in solution. An example of the former, a salt is trisodium citrate; an ester is triethyl citrate. When part of a salt, the formula of the citrate ion is written as C6H5O3−7 or C3H5O(COO)3−3.

Citric Acid,  is a common weak organic acid. It is used in a wide range of products, mainly as an "acidulant" which means that it is used to adjust the pH to the acid side of the pH scale. The formula for citric acid is C₆H₈O₇.

 Over half of all citric acid in the world is used in food and beverages to adjust pH, and for enhancing flavors. One unique use is for adding tartness or “sour ” taste in popular candies and food, thus citric acid is also known as “sour salt.”


When you source chemicals and ingredients, like citric acid, pay attention to several very key factors:

  • Who is the chemical sourced from and who  manufactured it?  Is the chemical you are buying from a good manufacturer? If you buy an ingredient or chemical like citric acid, from an unknown seller with no real business presence, no address, and no real business experience only doing business on an anonymous site like ebay or Amazon, it is hard to expect you will find the the  best quality ingredients. The owners and operators of Level 7 Chemical have  been in business since 1998 selling all kinds of ingredients and chemicals. We are located at 253-255 Sturgis Rd in Conway Arkansas where we have been doing business for many years  The owners of Level 7 Chemical have great relationships with the vendors and manufacturers of ingredients and products, and pass that knowledge on to you the customer in the way of quality products and services. 
  • Quality - When we source ingredients and chemicals for our customers we look for the best QUALITY - not the cheapest price. We do not switch out our chemicals and ingredients just because we are offered a cheaper price like so many other sellers. We source and stock chemicals like citric acid that we sell. 
  • Outsourcing - Additionally we do not outsource. Our own employees package and ship our chemicals and ingredients like citric acid, sodium hypochlorite/bleach , sodium metabisulfite and all the other chemicals we offer for sale 
  • Get specifics on chemicals and ingredients - We can tell you specifics about the chemicals and ingredients we sell like when and where they are manufactured and shipped from. Always ask for a Certificate of Analysis / C of A. 
  • Inventory Control - We use the first in first ot method  to make sure you get the freshest and best chemicals and ingredients. Older material, no matter where it was produced, may quickly harden and become unusable depending on the granular size and other factors. We always buy and stock the freshest, newest material to insure you are getting your money’s worth.
  • Buy from a  supplier that has an emphasis on offering quality not price.  When you buy from a top chemical distributor like Level 7 Chemical we will always make sure the material you receive is top quality and easy to use. We may not always be the cheapest but we sell quality chemicals and ingredients, like citric acid, bleach, oxalic acid and more. 

Customer like you will always come out better when you closely monitor quality and buy from top suppliers with a real business presence and brick and mortar facilites and offices in the US.  

You can always trust Level 7 Chemical for top quality chemicals and ingredients like Citric acid


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