Dendritic Salt

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Dendritic Salt

Dendritic Salt is a high purity (99.9%), food grade salt formed in porous, star shaped modified cubes. Its unique and diverse physical properties result in low bulk density, a rapid dissolving rate, exceptional flow characteristics, strong blendability, unmatched liquid adsorption and a quick, salty sensation. These star-shaped cubes result in high specific surface area, which allows it to hold onto surfaces, assuring flavor. It also has a high liquid adsorptive capacity and caking resistance. It is produced in vacuum pans from chemically purified brine to which a crystal modifying agent is added.

Typical Uses:

  • Foods (like bread, cereal, cheese, crackers, oil roasted nuts, salad dressing, etc.)
  • Chemical Additive
  • Processing 

Synonyms: NaCl, Sodium Chloride

Appearance: High Purity Salt

CAS: 7647-14-5

50 Lb Bag