Sodium Metabisulfite NF

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Sodium Metabisulfite NF, Food/Photo Grade

Sodium Metabisulfite is a widely used chemical. It is used as a sterilant, sanitizer, antioxidant in chemical processes, photography, and other chemical applications. 

Wine makers use it to help prevent oxidation, and it is used to kill off "wild" unwanted yeast to ensure you only ferment with the strain you choose.

Often used as an effective sanitizer in kitchens or in process areas to sterilize equipment, bottles, containers, utensils. 

Other common uses of sodium metabisulfite include:

  • Concentrated sodium metabisulfite is used in tree stump removal compounds. Many well known brands may contain 98% sodium metabisulfite. (it degrades stumps by damaging lignin in the stump)
  • Gold Extraction processes
  • Fungicide for anti-microbe and mold prevention during shipping of consumer goods.
  • In water treatment processes to remove or reduce residual chlorine.

Research your particular application(s) before use. Our information is just a general guide.

Synonyms: Disodium Pyrosulfite, E 223, SMBS, Sodium Bisulfite Anhydrous, Sodium Disulfite, Sodium Hydrogen Sulfite, Sodium Pyrosulfite

Chemical formula: Na2S2O5

Appearance: White Powder

Odor: Benign odor

CAS 7681-57-4 

50 Lb Bag