GoatThroat Pump Viton seal (GT300)

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GoatThroat Pump Viton Seal (GT300)

Our exclusive Goat Throat pump, green, model GT300 has Viton seal for durability and safety. 

Goat Throat Pumps are made to last, and engineered for safety and durability. Long lasting commerical and industrial transfer pumps for safely transferring liquids from drums and pails.

Food Grade/Chemical Grade GoatThroat Viton pump with 4″ Standoff included.

Easier and Safer Pumping and Transferring of Liquids from Pails and Drums

Goat Throat GT300 Viton hand pumps give the user controlled flow of all kinds of liquid chemicals and ingredients. Move every thing safer and more economically from sanitizers to acids, even herbicides, Hydrogen peroxide and most Corrosive Chemicals.

Goat Throat Pumps are just like your needed PPE (Personal Prrotective Equipment) - they help with safety when used as instructed, with a reduction or elination of spills, no splashing, no vapors.

Made in the USA!

Goat Throat pumps are food grade, and they fit nearly any container from 2-gallon jugs to 55-gallon drums (adapters may be needed with come containers)

Goat Throat pumps are easy to use and compatible with many chemicals!

Just pump a few strokes to pressurize your container,  then dispense precisely controlled amounts with one touch of the tap — as easily as opening and closing a faucet.

**Goat Throat pumps are compatible with many chemicals. Specify the product you will be dispensing to ensure seal compatibility. If needed, we can assist with compatability questions, but it is up to the customer/end user to determine the compatibility of the pump and the product being dispensed. 

Buy yours today and start investing in the what we think are the best, most efficient, and safest way to transfer liquids.