MyWeigh VHD-3 Folding Scale

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My Weigh VHD-3 Folding Scale

The portable, and very durable My Weigh VHD-3 scale is a very advanced version of My Weigh’s series for Vets and is in the Vetscale series. 

  The My Weigh VHD-3 Folding Scale is perfectly designed for your heavy-duty weighing  requirements on the go. It is an excellent choice when you need to weigh accurately and have some remote options. The VHD 3 is great for large boxes and shipments, and of course perfect for vet clinics, animal care, livestock, agricultural applications, as well as industrial needs  and  so much more!

The scale features an extra-large stainless-steel weighing platform is large enough for just about any weighing options in industrial setting, or warehouse or your veterinary needs. The included handle makes this scale genuinely portable.  Its low-profile, non-slip mat and motion sensing technology provides the perfect platform for weighing animals- even for the ones that can’t stand still.  The folding platform makes it easier for Vets and other professionals to bring their scales with them everywhere they go. This flexibility is what really sets apart this scale from other similar sized scales. Once opened fully the scale boasts a platform size of 36 inches by 22 inches (90cm by 56cm).

Powered by an included AC adapter or batteries for portability.  The My Weigh VHD-3 also has a backlit LCD display is 1.5 inches tall and 3.75 inches wide, ensuring you can read the weight clearly and easily.  The easy to use LCD display/controls are also mountable with an included extra-long 6 ft cord.


  • Extra-large stainless steel platform
  • Fold-up design & carrying handle
  • Remote digital display w/ 7-ft cable
  • Removable non-slip mat
  • Durable heavy-duty design
  • Motion sensing technology
  • USB computer connectivity
  • Platform size 36″ x 22 x 2″
  • Weigh Modes: lb, kg
  • Capacity 300 KG/660 Lb