Remote Tap EPDM Nozzle (RT200)

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Remote Tap EPDM Nozzle (RT200)

These hand pumps are durable and made of reinforced polypropylene plastic. This pump, fitted with EPDM gaskets, are known to last for ten or more years even in constant contact with the chemical. This specific pump is to be used with the Goat Throat EPDM Pump GT 200.

The thumb-operated tap dispenses liquids as easily as using a faucet. Pressurized liquids can be easily transferred to levels up to 3 feet higher than the container, which is impossible with traditional gravity-fed liquid transfer methods. And our drip-proof design helps keep work areas clean and prevent potentially hazardous spills.

Included in the box:

·     EPDM Remote discharge nozzle.

·     Barb to connect to pump and hose.

·     (1) #13 O-ring.

·     (4) 5/8" screws.

·     (2) hose clamps.

·     Hose must be ordered separately.