Culinox 999 Food Grade Salt

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Morton Culinox 999 Food Grade Salt

Culinox 999 salt from Morton is a salt known for high purity. Culinox 999 is a specialty granulated sodium chloride produced in vacuum pans from chemically purified brine.  The culinox 999 crystals are cubic in structure.  Brine treatment, crystallizing technique, and post-crystallizing washing substantially reduce calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and other heavy metals, sulfate and carbonate impurities.  The high purity helps assure consistent saltiness intensity, and there are stringent standards on visible, insoluble extraneous material.  There are no additives.

Culinox 999 is especially suited for making cheese since it is high purity and substantially reduces impurities like magnesium, calcium, iron, copper and other heavy metals, sulfate and carbonate impurities which is important in the process of cheese maturation.  When making specialty cheeses, especially Blue Cheeses Culinox 999 is the best choice in salt as it will not dry out edges of the cheese during the salting phase. 

Culinox is ideal for making cheeses that are brined, vat dried, or hand salted. The crystal structure of the Culinox 999 helps prevent the edges from drying out. 

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