Calcium Chloride 94-97% Mini Pellets Tech Grade

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Calcium Chloride Tech Grade

Calcium Chloride 94-97% Mini Pellets Tech Grade

Calcium Chloride Tech Grade is used in a wide variety of applications from ice melt, to dust control, concrete acceleration, dehydrating agent, and wastewater treatment. Calcium Chloride is an affordable chemical that serves a multitude of applications.

Typical Uses:

  • Concrete Set Time Accelerator
  • Ice Melt /Deicer
  • Dust Control
  • Oil Well applications like drilling fluids, Cementing 
  • Tire Weighting
  • Waste Water Treatment

Synonyms: CaCl2, CalChlor, 94-97% Mini pellets 

Appearance: White Mini-Pellets

CAS: 10043-52-4

Strength - 94-97% Mini Pellets

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