Maximizer DT Pro 5 Gallon

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Maximizer DT Pro 5 Gallon

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Maximizer DT Pro is a “Green” drain cleaner used more specifically for direct addition to grease traps and drains in restaurants, hotels, resorts, schools, and food processing plants, hospitals, municipal and commercial buildings. It is made up of a custom formulation of bacteria and enzymes that surpasses any liquid product on the market today.

It can fully restore non-performing grease traps and drain fields. Maximizer DT Pro is an industrial strength liquid that requires no premixing. It is a unique blend of quick acting Class 1 organisms that biodegrade waste onsite! Stabilizers in the product prevent it from becoming active until it hits the waste steam. Once it enters the stream, bacteria and enzymes break down the waste and convert it into carbon dioxide, water, and mineral ash.


Benefits of using Maximizer DT Pro:

• Improves grease trap efficiency
• Eliminates obnoxious grease trap odors
• Prevents messy clogs and costly downtime.
• Eliminates the need for expensive caustics and potentially dangerous chemicals (GO GREEN!)

• Non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-caustic, non-polluting
• Contains no chlorinated solvents or soap
• Does not emulsify grease and oil
• Prevents build ups and reduces odors
• Easy to use, inexpensive and safe
• Requires no premixing or special handling

Maximizer DT Pro is formulated with the safest ingredients available in order to protect the environment and our families.

Check out the Viking Chief Pro digital pump allowing for easy worry free application!

Need a smaller size?  Check out our half gallon option!  We also carry a (2) 2.5 gallon case.

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