Hydrion Lo Iodine Test Kit

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Hydrion Lo Iodine Test Kit

The Hydrion Lo Iodine Kit (IL-250) provides an easy way to estimate the amount of titratable iodine in sanitizing solutions made with commercial iodophors. The easy-to-read color chart has color matches at 0-50ppm of titratable iodine.

Federal, State and Local health regulations require users of iodine-based sanitizer solutions to have appropriate test kits available to verify the strength of sanitizer solutions. Sanitizer test kits are essential in the food service industry to ensure that sanitizers are at the proper concentration specified by the individual manufacturer.

Each kit contains one 15-foot roll of iodine test paper, matching color chart, and two sample tubes with caps. Also, there is one extra roll of iodine test paper and a laminated color chart. This kit provides for approximately 200 tests.

Directions: Place a strip of test paper into the sample tube. Add the sanitizing solution, cap and shake briefly. After 20 seconds compare the test strip with the color chart.