MyWeigh Ultraship 55 Scale

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MyWeigh Ultraship 55 Scale

Our My Weigh UltraShip scales are a perfect choice for home offices, businesses or just  anywhere you need an efficient easy to use scale. This Ultraship 55 shipping scale was designed to be professional grade yet user-friendly with multiple mail or box attachments, a fully detachable display/keypad on a 2-foot flex-cord, dual range, plus a programmable auto-off feature.  

Whether you’re weighing letters, parcels, ingredients, or small or large boxes, the Ultraship 55 scale has been designed to suit your needs perfectly. The UltraShip 55 is also equipped with a dual range, which allows for more accurate reading of small letters. You no longer need one scale for letters and another for boxes. Purpose built and commercial tested, the My Weigh UltraShip 55 is always a great choice whenever you need a  precise, durable shipping scale.


  • 4 weighing modes -Weighs in Ounces, Grams, Pounds, Kg
  • Tare feature
  • Hold Feature
  • Memory feature goes back to unit last used
  • Tray Size 8" x 6.25"
  • Easy to use
  • Weighs up to a capacity of 55 Lb

Accessories Include: Power Adapter, Envelope Holding Attachment, and Shipping Tube Holding Attachment

We also offer the MyWeigh UltraShip 35 and the MyWeigh UltraShip 75!