Drum Heater for Metal 30 Gallon Drums

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ELECTRIC DRUM HEATER With Pre-Set Thermostat - For 30 Gallon Steel Drums

Drum Heater 120 V for 30 gallon drum

Increase flow rate of viscous materials with a safe, efficient Electric Drum Heater.

Our model TRX-30 120V heater is an excelent choice for warming and heating 30 gallon steel drums. 120V 1920W 30 gal. drum heater with thermostat and three heat switch

The WRAP-IT-HEAT® Model TRX 30 gallon drum Heater, is a thermostatically controlled drum
heater  with a three heat switch. Our 30 gallon model TRX-30 Drum Heater is for standard 30 gallon all
METAL drums.  It is designed for heating liquid products that can be heated safely and have good heat receptivity.

The user can choose one of two thermostat ranges when ordering: LOW 60 F, to 250 F or  High, 200°F - 400°F. The heat switch has  three wattage ratings per thermostat setting and voltage rating:LOW = 1/4" Maximum Watts.  MEDIUM = 1/2" and HIGH = Maximum Watts. 

Equipped with a spring loaded toggle clamp for snug fit,and 6 foot
power cord and high ampere three pin plug.  

For 120V operation, use NEMA 5-20 Outlet.  


Operating Voltage........120V AC Single Phase
Power Output...............1,920W @ 120V            
Thermostat Range............60°F to 250°F or 200°F to 400°F         
Amperage ...................16 A at 120 V

6' Cord with NEMA 5-20 plug

CSA Certified, UL Listed

Warranted for one year.


Only for indoor use. Units are not moisture-proof nor explosion-proof. Not for use with flammables or near a flammable area.

Caution: Do not warm or heat drums unattended and without monitoring. Do not allow liquid in a container to fall below the level of the heater will render the heater ineffective and could irreparably damage the plastic drum and potentially cause injury or damage or be a fire hazard. 

Electric drum heaters should only be used to warm or to heat NON-FLAMMABLE, NON-COMBUSTIBLE materials only in a NON-HAZARDOUS area.

Read all directions and insturctions thoroughly before using. 

Consult an electrician to make sure your connections and outlets are safe and suitable for this product before use.