Deionized Water

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Deionized Water (DI Water) 55 Gallon Drum

Our high purity deionized water is a high purity water that nearly all impurities and ionized minerals and salts (both organic and inorganic) removed through the process of ion exchange.  

Level7Chemical Deionized water starts as a high quality water, then the water is filtered using a scientific process and further purified through a carbon filter, and then undergoes deionization through quality dual ion exchange units, then final filtered at 0.2 µS/cm.

The deionized water conforms to typical Type II Water specification.

  • Resistivity is < 2 mega ohms.
  • Conductivity is < 1 uS/cm.
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC) < 50 ppb.
  • Sodium < 5 ppb.
  • Chloride < 5 ppb. Silica < 3 ppb.

DI Water shelf Life is typically 24 months depending on the storage conditions.

Deionized water, also referred to as DI Water, is used in heating and cooling system charges, manufacturing, lab use (washing beakers) and other typical and suitable uses) , and manufacturing where specifications call for quiality DI water.

We will provide a certificate of conformance for the product. If your requirement will need a Certificate of Analysis, or ASTM testing, or any testing for a specific element, email us the specifications and we can quote you. 

Ships via LTL FREIGHT.

Note: Water degradation may occurs quickly if not stored tightly sealed 

Ships in a new 55 Gallon Plastic Drum with 2 Inch Bung Openings.

Package: Plastic 55 gallon drum. Drum weight is 450 Lb +-

Lead time: Depending on demand, there may be a 3 to 5 day lead time for multiple drums of deionized water.