Ascorbic Acid (pH Decreaser/Cleaner) 10lb Bag

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Ascorbic Acid (pH Decreaser/Cleaner) 10lb

When the pH levels of your pool are not maintained properly, the water becomes corrosive and can stain your pool. To get rid of stains, Ascorbic Acid is a great cleaner and pH decreaser! Ascorbic Acid is a reduction agent, the opposite of chlorine which is an oxidating agent. Ascorbic Acid reduces the iron in the stain from a solid state to a soluable state. Generally use 0.5lbs of ascorbic acid for every 10,000 gallons of water. It is recommended that you make a solution first (fill a bucket half way with your pool or spa water then add the ascorbic acid and stir until fully dissolved) then add the solution to your pool or spa, distributing evenly.

CAS#: 50-81-7

10lb Bag

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