Sodium Bicarbonate (Alkalinity Increaser) 10lb Bag

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Sodium Bicarbonate (Alkalinity Increaser) 10lb Bag

If you need to raise the alkalinity of your pool or spa, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is a great chemical option to use! Ideally, a pool or spa's pH is between 7.2-7.8 and the alkalinity is between 110-150 ppm. Generally, .75 lbs of sodium bicarbonate per 5,000lbs of water will raise the alkalinity about 10 ppm. Sodium Bicarbonate is a cost-effective and non-toxic solution for your pool. It is recommended that you make a solution first (fill a bucket half way with your pool or spa water then add the sodium bicarbonate and stir until fully dissolved) then add the solution to your pool or spa, distributing evenly.

10 lb Bag

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CAS#: 144-55-8

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