Viking Pro Drain Chief

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Viking Pro Drain Chief

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The newest Viking product in the drain and odor control line up uses digital programming, allowing you to easily program for various run time configurations and switch from odor suppression to drain control and back as needed. A quick-change pump and dispenser back plate keep you off the ground when servicing wear items like squeeze tubes.  The Drain Chief Plus is great to use with Maximizer DT Pro allowing you to automatically pump into your grease trap at set intervals for virtually maintenance free treatment!  Automatic dispensing guarantees easy worry free application and accurate dosing of the grease trap system.

Typical uses for the Drain Chief Plus include grease traps, drain maintenance, odor control, dumpster, trash chutes, food service, lodging, food processing, lift stations, and more!

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to understand digital programming
  • Water resistant components for under counter and low wall installations
  • Electrical hookup for quick and easy connect/disconnect
  • Tool less quick-change pump
  • Fast snap mounting bracket to quickly remove/reattach unit from wall for preventative maintenance
  • Easy switch between odor suppression & drain maintenance modes through simple programming
  • Odor suppression mode uses a brass nozzle with configurable spray pattern for stream to mist adjustments